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Who We Are


The Latest Byte is a collaborative project that answers one question: can communication be used to do good? Too often, readers get bombarded by journalism that seems far away from the reality of many of the communities that need to be supported the most. In its origins, this project was thought of as a means to empower readers and social organizations alike to raise their voices toward impact; be it through writing an article, posting a short Op-Ed, or just sending us their thoughts.


We believe all forms of communication should be made available.


We believe in the accessibility of the information that is in service of popular interest.


We believe great writing has the potential to transform our reality.


The Latest Byte wants to foster voices that challenge how we think about technology, economics, innovation, and business; as a growing space to inform–and tell stories about–the people who are working, often behind the scenes, in service of us all.


Our Focus


We're interested in pieces that, like our subject matter, present innovation as a channel for social impact. In this sense, innovative writing is like technology: it offers potential solutions to a problem we didn't know we had.


Our main focus is environmental, social, educational, and human rights matters related to business and economics. Even when in the single person, we value writing that gets involved in a larger discussion and is not afraid to invoke and adopt an international perspective.


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