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Rought & Accounting

By: Jacob Mathison

Twitter: @TheLatestByte

Post Date: 2024-01-02

About Rought & Accounting

Expertise and Dedication

Owned by Judi in Reno, Rought & Accounting is recognized for its trustworthy accounting services, leveraging over 20 years of combined industry expertise. The firm is driven by Judi's extensive knowledge and impressive track record, ensuring a commitment to reliable and precise accounting solutions for all clients.

Wide-ranging Proficiency

The team at Rought & Accounting collectively holds over two decades of experience in various financial disciplines, including auditing, bookkeeping, and comprehensive account management. This extensive expertise allows the firm to provide thorough support and tailored strategies, helping to streamline and optimize clients' accounting processes.

Professionalism and Precision

Rought & Accounting is renowned for its unwavering dedication to professionalism and accuracy. The firm's primary objective is to assist businesses in thriving by offering meticulous and dependable accounting and financial services. Clients can confidently focus on their business growth, knowing their accounting is in competent hands.

The Team at Rought & Accounting

Judi Rought, CMA, MBA - Leading with Expertise

Judi Rought, the owner and a powerhouse of accounting knowledge, is not just any number cruncher. With more than 13 years of experience in the field, she brings a wealth of expertise across service industries, manufacturing, real estate, and non-profit sectors. Judi combines her passion for accounting with a love for the outdoors, striking a balance between professional rigor and personal adventure.

Aaron Sims - The Finance Extraordinaire

Aaron Sims is a key member of the team, bringing 7 years of dedicated experience in the finance industry. Known for his precision and consistency, Aaron is an asset in managing complex accounts and ensuring accuracy in every financial undertaking. His commitment extends beyond the office as he actively participates in community service and enjoys diverse hobbies, reflecting a well-rounded personality.

Nikki Lucero - The Dynamic Bookkeeper

Nikki Lucero, a recent addition to the Rought & Accounting team, brings over 8 years of experience and a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Her multifaceted career and proficiency in various accounting tools make her an invaluable asset. Nikki's approach combines detail-oriented precision with a creative flair, ensuring clients' books are not only accurate but also efficiently managed.

Services and Commitment

Rought & Accounting offers a comprehensive range of services including Monthly Bookkeeping, Account Reconciliation, Payroll, Quickbooks Online Set up, and Budgets & Strategic Planning. The firm caters to a variety of clients, from programming and animal services to staffing agencies and construction, ensuring each receives the specialized attention they deserve.

Invitation to Partner

Rought & Accounting is prepared to support a diverse range of industries with a commitment to growth, efficiency, and unparalleled service. The firm welcomes businesses from all sectors to experience the difference that comes with a partnership with Rought & Accounting. Reach out and embark on a journey toward financial clarity and business success.

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